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You'll find 3 helpful things below. A wholesale price list, retail price list and our eForm.


eForm Press Wholesale Price List - Below is a link to our new price list in PDF format for your viewing/printing pleasure. It's a new year and time for a new look. Same prices, just more attractive.

GET THE PASSWORD by calling BCT @ (206) 343-9355

BCT Seattle Wholesale Price List


eForm Press Retail Price List - Just like the wholesale price list, with prices adjusted for retail.

GET THE PASSWORD by calling BCT @ (206) 343-9355

BCT Seattle Retail Price List

eForm Press eForm Press - The Press eForm is an interactive PDF for submitting orders for press products. It requires Acrobat Standard or Professional (NOT READER). This form consolidates ordering to one process. There is no need to fax anything with this ordering method.


  1. Right click on the eForm link and select [Save Target As…] 
    • (Mac: while holding down the [option] key [click] the link select [save] from the menu)
  2. Select a location to save the eForm
  3. Open the eForm with Acrobat Standard or Professional (NOT READER)
  4. Fill in the gray area in the upper right of the form (Company name, Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Route {rT} and Customer Code {ACCOUNT})
  5. Click [File] --> [Save As…]
  6. Save the file as something like “BCT eForm Master” to let you know it’s blank and contains your info.
  7. When placing orders, open the file you just saved, completely fill out the eForm and click submit.
  8. Once the form feels it is complete, clicking the [Save & Submit] button will ask you to save this order.  Use a filename that makes sense to you like “PO12345 SomeDudes BC.pdf”
  9. Once the file is saved, the form will generate an email as long as you have email setup on your computer.
  10. Click send; Congratulations, you’ve just placed an order without having to use a fax machine.

eF-Press.pdf version 1.1 (requires Acrobat Standard or Professional)